Now, for less than the cost of replacing the toner cartridges in your laser printer, we will digitally enlarge your business card, and put your promotional message and contact information on/in the ceiling in various establishments where people will see it.

Simply contact us and say GO! We will do all the work for you. All you need to do is send us one of your business cards.*  We will digitally enlarge it and place it on/in the ceiling at the location of your choice. Currently we have 2 participating locations and continually adding more. A 10% Discount applies for multiple location program participation.

If your establishment has a drop-ceiling with 24″x48″ removable tiles, contact us below.


If your company produces a product or service that you want to promote, contact us below.

Ceiling Promotion Company                                                                 Phone/ Text: 630-642-6500
2388 SE 17th Terrace                                                           E-Mail: Rich@CeilingPromotion.com
Homestead, FL 33035

* Ceiling Promotion Company reserves the right to accept or reject customers for this program, based on their business card condition and content. Your business card must be in good condition and digitally reproducible to suit this application. If we find it is not, you will get a FULL refund.